Jeff's Exalted Game

Filthy Investigations

Meeting back up at Shui Guitang, the group reviews some of the items they recovered from the Ministry, before Indigo brings up Jozakura’s misdirection of the investigation and they head to Devishen’s residence.

The group arrives at a three story apartment building, and ascend to Devishen’s unit on the third floor. Indigo opens the locked door and they discover a disgusting mess inside. Indigo is hesitant to enter, but Bright discovers a magical amplifier device stored in a clothes hamper. Moving into the study, he finds a parchment with indentations from Devishen’s last writings, indicating that the Deputy is headed for Nexus, a reference to an Illumined Prayer strip, and a name: Mahoth Kel.

As the group debates whether they can burn the residence without endangering other inhabitants of the building Chirki appears with a note for Bright. Flock of One has sent word that Devishen has fled the city on a barge named The Silver Carp.

5 xp each



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