Jeff's Exalted Game

A ghost defeated; a Minister saved

and further mysteries unveiled

Heiyan and a sentry catch sight of each other simultaneously. Through an impressive display of athletic archery, Lita manages to stop the sentry from sounding a warning horn, but calls attention to the group anyway through her acrobatics.

Overrun by a mob of soldiers, the group is set upon by the Mortwight. Heiyan and Lita make short work of the soldiers, while Indigo and Bright assault the ghost. After hammering the creature relentlessly, Indigo strikes a killing blow to the undead beast.

Moving to rescue Silver Dove, Bright determines that she is dehydrated and bruised, but otherwise not severely damaged. After catching Silver Dove up on the events that occurred since her capture, she reveals that the Mortwight was after a treatise hidden in the mausoleum and explains that the plot to kill the party with the ‘Crimson Lotus’ was enacted by Devishen. Bright explains that the Crimson Lotus is connected to the Neverborn, Abhorrence of Life, and Silver Dove speculates that the Mortwight’s master, a “Dowager”, may also server the Neverborn.

Silver Dove unlocks the Mausoleum with a key that looks like a Twilight caste mark, preparing to lead the group inside.

5 experience for everyone



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