Jeff's Exalted Game

An Audience with The Three

Lita has been summoned to meet with The Three, the gods who rules Great Forks. Upon arriving at the palace, Ebon Nocture is relieved that the guards have finally found Lita, but not happy they’ve brought a bunch of others with her. Short on time, she escorts Lita into the audience chamber anyway.

There the group finds Dreamweaver, Dayshield, and Talespinner who inquire as to Lita’s account of recent events and inform her that Silver Dove is set to be executed. After telling The Three that they don’t believe Silver Dove to be responsible, the gods promote Lita to the newly-formed position of Special Envoy of Celestial Concerns. She will be responsible for investigating and liaising with newly returned Solar Exalted and their mates within the city and will answer directly to The Three. Dayshield also deputizes the other three members of the group to provide Lita with assistance as necessary.

As their first official duty, The Three set the group to the task of tracking down Devishen Latoth and bringing him back to Great Forks to face justice, hopefully before they are required to execute Silver Dove because of pressure from the magistrates and the city populace.

5 xp for everyone



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