Jeff's Exalted Game

Flock of One desires a kiss

After spending some time researching the disc and box they received from Magistrate Yun, the group receives a missive from the mysterious “Flock of One” indicating that they may have interests in common. Following the instructions to visit the Aviary, the party finds themselves in a strange underground cavern. A curtain made of live butterflies leads to a room containing the enigmatic Flock of One, a woman with talons for feet, and a dress of birds resting on a chaise made of kittens.

After some amount of discussion, Flock of One agrees to tell the group the location of Silver Dove in exchange for a passionate kiss from Bright. Despite his reluctance, Bright agrees, and after a rather uncomfortable exchange of saliva, she tells the group that one of her pets will lead them to Silver Dove who is being held in a mausoleum outside of town.

5 xp for everyone, 2 xp for Indigo



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