Jeff's Exalted Game

A Day at the Ministry

After talking their way into the House of Functionaries, the circle discovers that Silver Dove and Devishen are currently being investigated for the events of the previous day. A young woman, Alani, tells Lita that Jozakura, Minister of Research, and Senzak, Minsiter of Other Matters, are in charge of the inquest. Indigo goes to discuss events with Jozakura, while Lita, Heiyan, and Bright go to covertly investigate Silver Dove and Devishen’s offices.

Lita fakes a robbery in her own office and uses it to distract the guards currently watching Silver Dove’s office, allowing Bright and Heiyan to sneak into it. Bright discovers a noteworthy box which he extracts from the office. Heiyan and Bright then attempt to enter Devishen’s office but are stymied by a locked door. They return to Silver Dove’s office and sneak out the window, across a ledge, and in through the window of Devishen’s where they discover quite a few items worth recovering, and some incriminating evidence that they leave in a more prominent location.

Lita, Bright, and Heiyan then leave the wing to meet up with Indigo.

Meanwhile, Indigo makes his way to the Ministry of Research where he sees several new players and familiar faces (including Mistress Li who seems to have survived the attack). After finally catching Lady Jozakura in a quiet moment, he exchanges stories with her, though she insists that their conversation be off the record. She suggests that she is working slightly to stymie Vandereth’s investigation so that hers can proceed more smoothly. Wrapping up the conversation, Indigo makes his way down a rear stairwell and goes to meet back up with the rest of the group.

5xp for everyone



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