Jeff's Exalted Game

Restoring the Prelate

As the Essence in the Essence Vault seems to start to overwhelm the mechanisms holding it, the group explores the remainder of the chambers beyond. Upstairs they find a barely-functioning automaton attempting to maintain the essence collection. Bright manages to shut down the collection and reset the automaton, unit PR-L8, “The Prelate.” While he repairs the unit, the other three members of the group explore the lower level and discover a run-down laboratory.

Bright manages to repair and restore PR-L8, and sets him to the task of repairing any other automatons that can be salvaged. Before setting off to do that, PR-L8 gives Bright a hearthstone designed to use the essence collected by the Vault to power sorcery.

The group decides to wrap things up at the manse, and prepare to pursue Devishen to Nexus. Arriving back at Shui Guitang, they are confronted by a group of Enforcers who summon Lita to meet with The Three.

5 XP for everyone



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