Jeff's Exalted Game

Shower time!

The group returns to one of Indigo’s houses that contains Bright’s lab, and everyone takes the opportunity to clean up after the fiasco with the flesh monstrosity. Everyone has a chance to have a snack before Lita, Bright and Heiyan move downstairs to the lab and Indigo speaks with the Ayah about a visitor at the gate.

5 xp for everyone

The Monstrosity Falls

As the circle gains the upper hand against the cultist archers, they take their own life, adding their essence to the strength of the flesh monstrosity. Shortly after that, the chanting cultists also collapse as the creature grows even stronger.

Bright severs the creature’s arm with a vicious throw from his sky cutter. Heiyan follows up with a strong strike from his chain.

After causing enough damage to the beast, it collapses, exploding outward in a wave of vile pus. The group escapes unharmed, but unpleasantly coated in vitriol.

10 xp for everyone

Attack of the Flesh Monstronsity

Following their escape to the third floor of the teahouse, the party engaged in combat with the three-story flesh golem and several cultist archers on nearby rooftops. Heiyan and Bright assaulted archers to the left, while Indigo and Lita attacks those on the right. They successfully incapacitated two, though took several attacks from the golem in the mean time.

This session: 5 XP

Current Initiative Stat
Heiyan 26, Golem 5, Lita 5, Archer (damaged one on the left) 4, Indigo 3, Bright 3, Archers (two on the right) -2, Archer (undamaged on the left) -8

Motes Spent
Heiyan 3m, Indigo 9m, Bright 3m, Lita 16m

The Red Mist and the Melted Magistrate


The group gathered together to meet Magistrate Yun who wanted them to investigate a mysterious box found near Denandasor. In the course of their meeting, Yun came into unfortunate contact with a silver disc contained within the box and proceeded to melt.

While trying to make their way out of the teahouse where this occurred, the group discovered that a red flesh-melting mist surrounded the building, and they were unable to escape. The party made their way to the upper stories of the teahouse where they discovered a group of robed figures gathered outside who summoned some kind of flesh monster.

In the confusion the matron of the teahouse, Li, seems to have disappeared.


5 standard XP
Bright 2 Solar XP


Storyteller: Bright is at his parents’ home in Great Forks in his study. The sounds of a raucous festival emanate from the streets outside, hindering attempts at concentration. A large gong reverberates through the chamber. Moments later a young serving boy enters the room, his eyes cast towards the floor. “Young Master, you have a visitor.”

Bright: Bright looks up from his book, pen hovering over his notes, and raises an eyebrow. “A visitor?”

Indigo: Indigo pushes past the servant into the room, interrupting the boy mid-response. “It seems we’re being summoned to meet with Silver Dove at a teahouse in the central quarter. I have no idea why she wants to see both of us, but it was in the message.”

Storyteller: The young servant looks flustered for a moment before bowing courteously and withdrawing from the chamber.

Bright: Blinking slightly, Bright carefully places the pen back in the inkwell. “We? I mean, what? During the festival?” He stands up, rolling down his sleeves and reaches for his coat. “I guess I wasn’t going to get any studying done, anyway…”

Indigo: “I know you’d rather spend the party with your books, but it seemed rather urgent.” Indigo turns to walk back out through the door headed out towards the crowded streets.
Jenn W.: Bright sighs and slings on his coat, hurrying after Indigo. “And it’s nice to see you, too. I expected you to be out enjoying the… festivities.”

Indigo: Indigo smiles slightly, a bit of his foul mood lifting. “I’d much prefer to be, but duty calls.”

Storyteller: You push through the throngs in the festival. The aroma of roasting foods, smoldering incense and worse assault your nose as you exit into the street. The festival is really not very different than the scores of others of its ilk. This one appears to be a tribute to one of the mighty river gods, and many of the revelers are swathed in rich blue fabrics.
The teahouse you’ve been summoned to is a wide circluar structure akin to a tiered cake with three layers. The sloping roofs of each tier are linked to neighboring buildings with sloping wires from which prayer strips and lanterns have been set.

Indigo: Seeing the revelers, Indigo’s face darkens again slightly. Finally arriving at the teahouse he shakes off his somber thoughts and puts on a more charming demeanor. Opening the door, he motions for Bright to enter first.

Bright: Bright darts inside, glancing around, then steps off to the side waiting to follow Indigo. “I don’t think I’ve been here before. I’ll let you, er, take the lead.”

Storyteller: The teahouse is packed with people, the floor sticky with spilled drinks and cakes. A harried looking hostess looks up from the counter towards the back and waves to Indigo to get his attention. She obviously recognizes the blue-tinted man. She gestures towards a back corner that is more or less devoid of activty. At it are seated a city official in his robes of office, including a tall hat draped with inky tassels. Beside him are two others, Lita to his left, Heyain to his right. The three of them seeming to be awating your arrival.

Indigo: Indigo pushes through the throng of people to make his way over to the table. Breaking free of the crowd, he takes a moment to straight out his clothes before taking a seat.

Bright: Bright weaves through the people, slightly behind Indigo, and waves to Lita before smiling a little anxiously.

Heiyan: Heiyan’s eyes dart around the room suspiciously at everyone in the crowd and the new arrivals, but he is otherwise motionless.

Lita: Lita smiles warmly at Indigo and Bright but is curious about the gathering.

Storyteller: The official stands slowly as Indigo and Bright approach, he wipes at his brow with an embroidered cloth. A pince-nez perches at the tip of his nose. “Ah, yes, yes. Thank you for coming. I am Magistrate Yun. Th- Thank you for coming. Please sit” He gestures at the vacant seats.

Indigo: Indigo smiles warmly at the magistrate before sitting in the empty chair. “And what did you need our help with Magistrate Yun?”

Bright: Bright smiles at Yun before claiming one of the remaining seats. He leans forward slightly, looking vaguely concerned.

Heiyan: He watches the magistrate with interest, curious about what he has to say.

Lita: Lita sips her tea and surveys the other guests, watching them intently.

Storyteller: Yun looks around the room nervously, the light sheen of sweat already having appeared again on his brow, he opens his mouth to speak and is interrupted by the arrival of a slightly plump middle-aged woman, her hair held up in an elaborate set of combs and clad in a floral kimono. “Ah, Indigo, you rascal, what can I get you?”

Magistrate Yun looks at the woman with a baffled expression, thrusting his hands beneath the table in what appears to be an annoyed gesture.

Indigo: Indigo spins in his seat, a broad smile spreading across his face as he turns it towards the woman. “Li dear, I would love something with a bit of a kick to it. I need something to take the edge off tonight. Do you have any of that redleaf in stock?”

Storyteller: Li titters in what can only be construed as an overly flirty way and she rests her hand lightly on Indigo’s shoulder. “For you, of course.” She sees that the three who were already present still have nearly full cups and turns to Bright and smiles in a saccharine fashion, “And for you, love? We have Milk, or juice, perhaps?”

Bright: Bright looks at Li a little wryly and says, “Just water for me, thanks.” Looking thoughtful, he absently retrieves a pencil from his coat pocket and spins it across his knuckles.

Storyteller: Li claps twice, a bemused smile on her face which longers briefly upon Lita, “Once you are done with such stuffy things, Indigo, you simply must come talk to me again. It’s been an age.”

Indigo: “I’d be happy to pay you a visit once you’ve closed up shop” Indigo gives the woman a quick wink before turning has attention back to the magistrate.

Lita: Lita smirks at Indigo’s affect on Li.

Heiyan: Heiyan takes a sip of his drink, watching the interaction between the new arrivals and Li, and then returns to watching the rest of the room.

Lita: Lita sees Yun’s obvious nervousness and knows it’ll only grow the longer the meeting draws out. She turns to Yun and encourages him, “Magistrate Yun, perhaps you could tell us why you’ve brought us all together?”

Storyteller: Magistrate Yun clears his throat, "Well, yes. Well, I am Undersecretary of Blessed Luminous Acquisition, an adjunct in the office of Silver Dove. This is Lita, he nods to her, “She has been assigned to this case in a legal fashion, and Heiyan is in charge of… security.”
Yun looks flustered and nods, his pince-nez falling from the tip of his nose and he juggles it it inadvertently as he catches it and sets it firmly back on the bridge of his nose. It starts sliding back down again immediately.

Heiyan: Heiyan nods in greeting at the Magistrate’s explanation of his presence. A brief side-eye is given to Yun’s bumbling.

Lita: Lita nods at the mention of her name.

Bright: Bright leans back and catches the pencil, rifling through his pockets to retrieve a small notebook. He raises an eyebrow, “This case?”

Storyteller: Yun produces an alabaster box imlaid with colorful jewels from a satchel hanging at his hip, “This. Silver Dove wanted you to see this,” He looks from Indigo to Bright, “It was recovered from near Denandsor and has come into our possession. We believe it may make sense to those of your, uh… talents”

Bright: Bright’s eyes widen as he looks at the box, head tilted to one side. He begins to reach for the box and pauses. “Do you know anything about it so far?”

Indigo: Indigo leans back in his chair, well-aware that this is more Bright’s arena than his own.

Storyteller: “Very little, as a matter of fact,” he looks out of the side of his eyes to Lita, “The legality of its ownership has been disputed until recently. Apparently the company who recove..”he clears his throat and shakes his head. “Nevermind all that.” He presses an embossed shell in the carving of the box and with a click the latch loosens, opening to reveal a silvery disc. He retracts his hands immediately and places them in his lap. “There are etchings in the metal, we are not sure what they mean, and I am told there is some degree of…heft, to the thing”

Bright: Bright flips open his notebook to an empty page and briefly sketches an image of the outside of the box. He stands, leaning over the open box, and looks at the disc revealed within.

Lita: Lita watches Bright as he examines the box. Looking for any hints.

Heiyan: Heiyan, knowing very little about magical trinkets, returns his attention to the rest of the room and its occupants, watching for anything amiss.

Storyteller: Li reappears at the table with a tray perched on her arm, “Here we all are” she places a large mug of syrupy liquid in front of Indigo. As she passes behind Yun with her tray, she bumps him with her ample hip as she places a small plastic glass of water with a tiny umbrella in it before Bright.

Yun looks agitated and throws out a hand to catch himself, landing squarely upon the disc itself. He looks away from Li in horror as the lines of the disc flash red and smoke begins to rise from the palm of his hand. He screams.

Bright: Bright’s eyes widen as he attempts to pull Yun back into his seat, detaching his hand from the disc.

Heiyan: Heiyan’s eyes snap to Yun at the sound of the scream.

Lita: Lita jumps up instantly worried about the Magistrate but also acutely aware of the attention being drawn to their group.

Storyteller: The palm of Yun’s hand seems to have liquefied somewhat. As it leaves the desks, tendrils of flesh remain attached to the disc like melted cheese on a griddle.
The entire teahouse goes silent. Li backs against the wall, a horrified expression on her face. The screams erupt across the room as some people stand still in terror, others bolt for the door.

Bright: Bright frantically reaches through his pockets for his first aid implements and examines Yun’s hand. “Someone close that box before anything else happens.”
Heiyan: Heiyan stands and positions himself between the rest of the room and the seated gathering, specifically looking for anyone who stands out as not being frightened or who appears curious, alerted, or interested in the group.

Storyteller to Bright: Bright notices that Yun is starting to feel increasingly warm, even through his robes.

Bright: Bright releases Yun’s arm and begins to look him over closely, withdrawing bandages and some other basics from his coat. “Something’s wrong. I mean. Other than the obvious.”

Heiyan: rolling {7d10}>7{(6+6+9+10+8+6+6)}= 4 Successes

Indigo: Indigo uses a nearby chopstick to flip the lid of the box closed, a bit hesitant to touch the thing at all.

Storyteller to Heiyan: One of the blue clad revelers two floors above is staring eagerly at the scene. When they see you noticing them they back away from the railing to where you can no longer see them.

Heiyan: Heiyan speaks quietly but firmly, and grips his weapon. “Someone’s watching with more interest than fear. We should leave.”

Storyteller: The box closes with a sharp click, concealing the disc. Yun stops screaming, but only because he has begun convulsing uncontrollably. His skin looks waxy and slick… almost runny.

Storyteller to Bright: Are you trying diagnose?

Bright to Storyteller: Yes! Although, like, I guess I can’t diagnose a PUDDLE :(

Storyteller to Bright: Occult + Int?

Indigo: Indigo looks at back and forth between Yun and Heiyan. “I’m not sure walking out is really an option at this point.”

Bright: rolling 7d10 (10+10+1+7+4+7+9)= 7 Successes

Storyteller to Bright: This isn’t a normal illness, but a curse. The melting flesh is reminiscent of one and the patterns of red lights remind you of an ancient entity. One of the Neverborn. Abhorrence of Life, who was said to melt the flesh of his victims into a pool of viscera from which he would form new horrors from the “parts”

Heiyan: Heiyan sighs, looking at the convulsing magistrate. “I guess you’re right.” He steps a bit off to the side into the shadow of a pillar, continuing to watch his surroundings, keeping a note of where he saw the interested party earlier.

Bright: Bright startles backwards. “This is bad. I mean, really bad. I mean, even worse than it looks which is, admittedly, pretty bad.”

Indigo: Indigo moves close to Li, placing his hand on her shoulder, and speaks to her in hushed tones, trying to calm her down.

Bright: Bright looks around. “The box? It’s closed? No one touch it. It needs to be kept secure.”

Storyteller: Yun stops trembling but instead his flesh begins stripping away from his body in rivulets.

Mistress Li promptly faints.

Lita: “Yup, this is bad.”

Indigo: Indigo sighs with a bit of exasperation and turns his attention back to the melting magistrate. “So what, exactly, is going on?”

Storyteller: (Everyone give me Awareness + Perception)

Bright: Bright watches Yun with a mix of terror and scientific fascination. “Well. As far as I can tell, that artifact will curse anyone who comes into contact with, and they’ll end up like… this. It reminds me of one of the Neverborn…” He trails off and scribbles something down in his notebook.

Indigo: rolling {3d10}>7{(10+5+1)}= 2 Successes
Bright: rolling {6d10}<7{(5+8+5+6+4+1)}=>Lita: rolling {3d10}>7{(8+5+2)}= 1 Success
Heiyan: rolling {7d10} > 7{(9+2+7+3+3+7+4)}= 3 Successes

Indigo: Yun has dissolved into what appears to be some sort of slurry, his robes and elaborate hat in disarray on the floor. His pince nez lies in the pool at approximately where his nose would have been.

Storyteller to Heiyan: The revelry outside has seemed to changed. Instead of laughter, you hear screams of terror, some cutting off abruptly.

Lita: Lita gags a little.

Heiyan: Heiyan speaks from his spot in the shadows. “It seems like something’s wrong outside, too. Maybe someone has a mop.”

Bright: Bright stuffs the supplies he had retrieved back into his pockets. “I, uh. He had a key for the box…” He shifts his weight and looks at the puddle.

Heiyan: “There’s screaming outside. And it sounds like people dying. Can we leave yet?”

Indigo: “Our hostess is … indisposed” Indigo glances down at the unconscious form of Li. Still holding the chopstick he used to close the box, Indigo starts poking around in the magistrates robes, looking for the key.

Lita: “Indigo, do you another way out?”

Heiyan: “Also, just saying this now, but if that box is coming with us, I am not carrying it.”

Bright: “It seems to be… relatively safe as long as it’s locked.” Bright looks at the box again, examining it more closely.

Indigo: “We can leave through the kitchen. There’s a service exit in the back.”

Bright: rolling {7d10}>7{(1+3+4+2+7+1+10)}= 3 Successes

Storyteller to Bright: You’re nervous that the box may also be dangerous. You wonder why Yun seemed to be so sweaty. You’re not able make solid conclusions, but you are very wary.

Storyteller to Heiyan: The screaming outside seems to have tapered off and silence is punctuated with only occasional screams.

Bright: Bright retrieves a cloth and length of cord from his pockets and carefully wraps the box, securing it with a cord. “Well, we certainly can’t leave this here.” He gingerly picks up the box. “I should probably get this to the lab.”

Indigo: Indigo glances back at his tea with a bit of longing, but collects himself and leads the way through the kitchen towards the teahouse’s back exit.

Heiyan: “Well, it sounds basically like everyone outside is dead now, so whatever was out there with them might be heading in. Definitely no more crowd for us to lose ourselves in, though.”

Lita: Lita follows but looks back to the remains of the Magistrate and lets out a stressed sigh.

Heiyan: Heiyan follows the group as he speaks.

Storyteller: The few people still inside the teahouse huddle in corners or have fainted outright. The back storeroom is immaculately kept and you see the serving girl weeping softly as she crouches to one side holding her head. The door to the back alley is ajar, letting in a narrow stream of light.

Storyteller: (Everyone give me Wits + Awareness?)
Indigo: rolling {5d10}>7{(2+10+6+8+5)}= 3 Successes
Bright: rolling {5d10}>7{(3+1+5+8+1)= 1 Success
Lita: rolling {3d10}>7{(1+7+6)}= 1 Success
Heiyan: rolling {7d10}>7{(1+1+6+7+6+3+1)}= 1 Success

Storyteller to Indigo: As you approach the door, you notice a red haze seeming to seep across the floor of the alley. It curls at the door where it is ajar.

Indigo: Indigo stops abruptly, reaching a hand out to motion those behind him to stop. “Bright,” he calls, pointing to a red haze outside the back door, “I don’t like the look of that. Any idea what it is?”

Bright: Bright stops short and squints at the red haze, frowning slightly.
rolling {7d10}>7{(5+5+2+2+1+8+3)}= 1 Success

Heiyan: “From what I was hearing earlier going on outside, it’s probably not good, whatever it is.”

Indigo: rolling {3d10}>7{(1+3+10)}= 2 Successes

Storyteller to Indigo: You’re not certain what it is. But from what Bright explained early, you feel it is reminiscent to the glow on the disc.

Indigo: “Doesn’t it look a bit like the glow the disc gave off when our melted friend touched it?”

Lita: Lita wishes she had ordered something alcoholic instead of tea.

Bright: “It looks… similar. Not quite the same, though. But, uh, given the effects, I probably wouldn’t want to chance any contact.”

Heiyan: Heiyan looks to the servant girl who is crouched nearby. “Did you see anything happen outside?”

Storyteller: The girl looks up, she’s in her early teens and her cheekes are lined with tears. “Pom went outside to unload a cart” I heard him scream and he hasn’t come back, then everyone else was screaming. Then they stopped."

Heiyan: “Is there another way out?”

Storyteller: (Perception + Awareness please)

Indigo: “Only the front door. And any of the windows, I suppose. Maybe we should go upstairs and see if we can get a better look outside.”

Heiyan: rolling {8d10}>7{(7+4+1+1+10+1+5+2)}= 2 Successes
Indigo: rolling {3d10}>7{(1+7+4)}= 1 Success
Bright: rolling {6d10}>7{(1+7+8+4+9+2)}= 3 Successes
Lita: rolling {3d10}>7{(8+9+10)}= 4 Successes

Bright: Bright draws back towards the doorway. He points to the windows, “Uh, guys? It’s… coming inside. So that’s a no on the windows. Maybe upstairs would be above… whatever this is?”

Indigo: Indigo glances at the windows with concern, then looks to the serving girl. “Come on then,” he says, motioning for her to follow them back into the main room. “Is there anyone else back here?”

Storyteller: The girl scrubs at her cheeks, “N-no, just me” She rises and follows you into the main room.

Heiyan: Heiyan follows the rest of the group out of the kitchen towards the main area. “The person I saw watching us was up on the third floor. They stepped back out of sight when they saw me watching.”

Storyteller to Lita: You also notice that the red haze doesn’t seem to be rising above waist height outside.

Indigo: “You go up first, Heiyan, I’ll try to get all the other patrons upstairs.” Indigo says as he exits the kitchen and moves back into the main room.

Bright: Bright gazes down at the wrapped parcel in his hands and edges back into the main room, looking around at the doors and windows.

Lita: “I think we can get above this. It doesn’t appear to rise more than a few feet above the ground. We should get moving though."

Heiyan: Heiyan unravels the dire chain coiled at his waist. Oddly, there is no sound of clanking links as it moves. Stepping to the front of the group, he attempts to be as silent and stealthy as possible. “Stay a few steps behind, so that I can warn you if something is amiss. You know, more than…” He gesticulates around at the nonsense happening around them with a slight chuckle.

Indigo: Indigo steps back into the main room of the teahouse and speaks loudly, his voice cutting through the confusion. “It is not safe on the ground floor, nor is it safe to leave. You should all make your way upstairs in an orderly fashion. Those of you who are able, please carry the unconscious with you.”

Bright: Bright follows Heiyan, moving as quietly and smoothly as he can towards the stairs, looking to see if any of the few remaining patrons need assistance.

Indigo: rolling {7d10}>7{(3+1+3+10+9+1+7)}= 4 Successes

Heiyan: Heiyan moves slowly up the stairs, waiting when he is able to see onto the next floor, assessing the area before moving further.

Indigo: (I’m attempting an instill action, supplemented with Listener Swaying Argument)

Storyteller: The patrons slowly rise from where they’re huddling. A look of determination coming across their faces. The start moving towards the stairs, encouraging each other as they go.

Lita: Lita follows Indigo to see if anyone needs help getting to the stairs, or being cajoled to do so.

Indigo: Indigo turns to find Li in order to carry her upstairs. He is surprised to find her not where she had fainted and begins looking around the room for the hostess.

Storyteller to Lita: You don’t see anyone else who isn’t moving. You do however notice that the teahouse cat, Slippers, is pawing at the red mist and hissing.

Indigo: rolling {4d10}>7{(4+3+2+10)}= 2 Successes

Unable to find the hostess anywhere at first glance, Indigo begins to follow the teahouse patrons up the stairs to the second story.

Lita: Upon seeing the main room empty, Lita turns to leave except she notices the teahouse cat Slippers hissing at the mist. She picks up the cat, soothing it and calls to Indigo letting him know she’s heading towards the stairs.

Storyteller: As you arrive at the top of the stairs, you see most of the patrons huddled around tables of the inner ring, comforting each other. One woman stands transfixed at the wide open window, a horrified expression on her face.

Bright: Bright steps behind the woman, trying to see what’s going on outside.

Lita: Lita notices the woman an walks towards the window.

Heiyan: Heiyan waits by the stairs, glancing up, but remaining on the second floor as patrons continue arriving up the stairs, waiting while his companions investigate the window. He glances up and keeps alert.

Storyteller: Outside in the wide open plaza, the stalls are empty. The liquefied remains of dozens of revelers pool on the ground, forming a shallow lake in the depressed center of the area. Dotted among them are the revelers who had been swathed in thick blue robes, but they now hold some sort of fetishes in their hands as they form a large ring around the deepest part of the pool. Submerged in it to mid-calf. As they chant, something enormous begins to extricate it self from the remains, coalescing as it brings itself upright with a guttural howl.


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