Jeff's Exalted Game

Breaching the Essence Vault

The group returns to Shui Guitang after their investigation of Devishen’s apartment (having narrowly avoided a run-in with the City’s official investigation team). where they decide their next step should be to return to the Necropolis where they found Silver Dove.

After managed to open the door by channeling essence into it, they discover a room full of automatons who seem to be harvesting a shimmering golden liquid of some sort. Led by a clearly-malfunctioning “Bishop” the automatons attack the group for invading their sanctuary. Making fairly quick work of the menial automatons on the ground, the group is assaulted from above by Priests shooting out streams of golden essence.

5xp for everyone

Filthy Investigations

Meeting back up at Shui Guitang, the group reviews some of the items they recovered from the Ministry, before Indigo brings up Jozakura’s misdirection of the investigation and they head to Devishen’s residence.

The group arrives at a three story apartment building, and ascend to Devishen’s unit on the third floor. Indigo opens the locked door and they discover a disgusting mess inside. Indigo is hesitant to enter, but Bright discovers a magical amplifier device stored in a clothes hamper. Moving into the study, he finds a parchment with indentations from Devishen’s last writings, indicating that the Deputy is headed for Nexus, a reference to an Illumined Prayer strip, and a name: Mahoth Kel.

As the group debates whether they can burn the residence without endangering other inhabitants of the building Chirki appears with a note for Bright. Flock of One has sent word that Devishen has fled the city on a barge named The Silver Carp.

5 xp each

A Day at the Ministry

After talking their way into the House of Functionaries, the circle discovers that Silver Dove and Devishen are currently being investigated for the events of the previous day. A young woman, Alani, tells Lita that Jozakura, Minister of Research, and Senzak, Minsiter of Other Matters, are in charge of the inquest. Indigo goes to discuss events with Jozakura, while Lita, Heiyan, and Bright go to covertly investigate Silver Dove and Devishen’s offices.

Lita fakes a robbery in her own office and uses it to distract the guards currently watching Silver Dove’s office, allowing Bright and Heiyan to sneak into it. Bright discovers a noteworthy box which he extracts from the office. Heiyan and Bright then attempt to enter Devishen’s office but are stymied by a locked door. They return to Silver Dove’s office and sneak out the window, across a ledge, and in through the window of Devishen’s where they discover quite a few items worth recovering, and some incriminating evidence that they leave in a more prominent location.

Lita, Bright, and Heiyan then leave the wing to meet up with Indigo.

Meanwhile, Indigo makes his way to the Ministry of Research where he sees several new players and familiar faces (including Mistress Li who seems to have survived the attack). After finally catching Lady Jozakura in a quiet moment, he exchanges stories with her, though she insists that their conversation be off the record. She suggests that she is working slightly to stymie Vandereth’s investigation so that hers can proceed more smoothly. Wrapping up the conversation, Indigo makes his way down a rear stairwell and goes to meet back up with the rest of the group.

5xp for everyone

The Treatise recovered

Silver Dove leads the group into the antechamber of a mausoleum, where a fountain that responds to Solar essence reveals a cache that contains a book. After some explanation of how it got there, Silver Dove and the group return to Great Forks. While everyone else gets some rest, Bright reviews the book and discovers that it contains a hidden message regarding how to corrupt the Essence of Creation’s Dragon Lines with underworld essence, which could be used to create Shadowlands, or cause other havoc.

5 XP for everyone.

A ghost defeated; a Minister saved
and further mysteries unveiled

Heiyan and a sentry catch sight of each other simultaneously. Through an impressive display of athletic archery, Lita manages to stop the sentry from sounding a warning horn, but calls attention to the group anyway through her acrobatics.

Overrun by a mob of soldiers, the group is set upon by the Mortwight. Heiyan and Lita make short work of the soldiers, while Indigo and Bright assault the ghost. After hammering the creature relentlessly, Indigo strikes a killing blow to the undead beast.

Moving to rescue Silver Dove, Bright determines that she is dehydrated and bruised, but otherwise not severely damaged. After catching Silver Dove up on the events that occurred since her capture, she reveals that the Mortwight was after a treatise hidden in the mausoleum and explains that the plot to kill the party with the ‘Crimson Lotus’ was enacted by Devishen. Bright explains that the Crimson Lotus is connected to the Neverborn, Abhorrence of Life, and Silver Dove speculates that the Mortwight’s master, a “Dowager”, may also server the Neverborn.

Silver Dove unlocks the Mausoleum with a key that looks like a Twilight caste mark, preparing to lead the group inside.

5 experience for everyone

Silver Dove in the Necropolis

After Lita convinces the Watch that they should allow the group out of the city, they follow Chiriki to the ancient necropolis, where the creature declares their bargain fulfilled and leaves. Lita catches sight of several campfires in the city of the dead, and the group decides to attempt to sneak closer to reconnoiter. Leaving Lita and Indigo outside the city, Bright and Heiyan sneak into the Necropolis. Disabling one of the patrols, Heiyan continues on to scout out the opposition, while Bright returns to inform the others. Returning to the circle, Heiyan describes the creature holding Silver Dove captive: a floating creature in a filthy kimono with greasy hair and arms that hang down past its knees and end in filthy claws. Bright identifies the creature as a Mortwright.

5 xp for everyone

Flock of One desires a kiss

After spending some time researching the disc and box they received from Magistrate Yun, the group receives a missive from the mysterious “Flock of One” indicating that they may have interests in common. Following the instructions to visit the Aviary, the party finds themselves in a strange underground cavern. A curtain made of live butterflies leads to a room containing the enigmatic Flock of One, a woman with talons for feet, and a dress of birds resting on a chaise made of kittens.

After some amount of discussion, Flock of One agrees to tell the group the location of Silver Dove in exchange for a passionate kiss from Bright. Despite his reluctance, Bright agrees, and after a rather uncomfortable exchange of saliva, she tells the group that one of her pets will lead them to Silver Dove who is being held in a mausoleum outside of town.

5 xp for everyone, 2 xp for Indigo

Shower time!

The group returns to one of Indigo’s houses that contains Bright’s lab, and everyone takes the opportunity to clean up after the fiasco with the flesh monstrosity. Everyone has a chance to have a snack before Lita, Bright and Heiyan move downstairs to the lab and Indigo speaks with the Ayah about a visitor at the gate.

5 xp for everyone

The Monstrosity Falls

As the circle gains the upper hand against the cultist archers, they take their own life, adding their essence to the strength of the flesh monstrosity. Shortly after that, the chanting cultists also collapse as the creature grows even stronger.

Bright severs the creature’s arm with a vicious throw from his sky cutter. Heiyan follows up with a strong strike from his chain.

After causing enough damage to the beast, it collapses, exploding outward in a wave of vile pus. The group escapes unharmed, but unpleasantly coated in vitriol.

10 xp for everyone

Attack of the Flesh Monstronsity

Following their escape to the third floor of the teahouse, the party engaged in combat with the three-story flesh golem and several cultist archers on nearby rooftops. Heiyan and Bright assaulted archers to the left, while Indigo and Lita attacks those on the right. They successfully incapacitated two, though took several attacks from the golem in the mean time.

This session: 5 XP

Current Initiative Stat
Heiyan 26, Golem 5, Lita 5, Archer (damaged one on the left) 4, Indigo 3, Bright 3, Archers (two on the right) -2, Archer (undamaged on the left) -8

Motes Spent
Heiyan 3m, Indigo 9m, Bright 3m, Lita 16m


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