Onyx Tendril

3 dot Orichalcum Dire Chain.

Accuracy: +3
Damage: +12
Defense: +1
Overwhelming: 4
Attunement: 5

Bashing, Martial Arts, Disarming, Flexible, Grappling, Reaching

Onyx Tendril is a Dire Chain forged for the originator of Ebon Shadow Style, Ebon Shadow’s Graceful Daughter (who went by Shadow’s Grace for short). Shadow’s Grace was taught on one Calibration by Five Days Darkness techniques which she would evolve into the Style. Based on the use of quick, evasive strikes and targeting weak points, it focuses heavily on stealth and evasion. A signature weapon of the style is the Fighting Chain, and Onyx Tendril is a chain forged with this style in mind.

The golden Orichalcum’s sparkle is subdued as the chain oozes an inky black smoke. The smoke clings to and hides the chain, letting only the faintest glints of the metal’s brilliance break through the obfuscating cloud. The smoke lingers on the metal, magically dampening the sounds of the metallic links – leaving it eerily, utterly silent. It almost seems to drink in the sound around it, blanketing the air in the smoky liquid shadows it leaves behind.


Onslaught of Shadows
Cost: 1m per Hardness Mins: Essence 1, Martial Arts 3
Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Decisive-only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Ebon Shadow Form

Fear the darkness as it mercilessly extinguishes the light. When the Onyx Tendril invokes the Onslaught of Shadows, the curled roils of smoke drifting off of the weapon solidify into magical crystalline shards of black essence, dealing Lethal damage rather than Bashing damage. This charm supplements an attack made from stealth, allowing the Exalt to reduce the target’s hardness by up to [Essence + Martial Arts] at the cost of 1 mote per point of hardness. Attacks made using this charm deal Lethal damage.

If the attack successfully hits the target, smoke from the Onyx tendril clings to the them causing them to take a -2 penalty to all attack and awareness rolls for the remainder of the scene.

Stolen Steel
Cost: 5m Mins: Essence 2, Martial Arts 4
Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Gambit, Disarm
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Onslaught of Shadows

This charm supplements disarm gambit. If successful, the Exalt snatches and hides the opponent’s weapon in the shadows surrounding Onyx Tendril. Each turn, the disarmed opponent may perform a special combat action from close range to try to retrieve their weapon. The opponent must succeed on a contested roll of [Perception + relevant combat ability] vs. [Dexterity + Stealth], followed by a Ready Weapon action to regain control of their weapon. If the Exalt chooses, she may retrieve hidden weapons at any time by using a Ready Weapon action.

Tricks of the Light
Cost: 6m 1wp Mins: Essence 2, Martial Arts 5
Type: Simple
Keyword: Perilous
Duration: 1 turn
Prerequisites: Ebon Shadow Form

The Martial Artist’s elusive nature is amplified by the magical weapon. Twirling the Onyx Tendril around himself, the smoke given off by the chain obscures his form, making him harder to hit as his foe is blinded by the smoke and hints of glinting metal.

The Exalt rolls [Dexterity + Stealth] with [Essence] automatic successes and adds that to her Evasion for one turn. If no successful attacks are made against the Exalt before her next turn, she may make a second [Dexterity + Stealth] roll with [Essence] automatic successes to attempt to enter stealth (opposed by [Perception + Awareness] as usual). If the Exalt successfully hides from any opponents in close range, she immediately gains 3 initiative and may make a surprise attack against one of those targets. If this attack is successful, the Exalt gains one point of willpower.

Whirling Sling of Shadows
Cost: 5m Mins: Essence 1, Martial Arts 5
Type: Simple
Keyword: Gambit, Grapple
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Onslaught of Shadows

The Onyx Tendril has the power to supernaturally bind a foe, allowing its wielder to manipulate the positions of her foes.

The exalt may make a Grapple gambit with a Difficulty of 1 for close range, or 3 for short range. If successful, the Exalt and her target must roll for control with an opposed [Strength + (Brawl or Martial Arts)] roll to which the Exalt can add [Essence] automatic successes. If the Exalt loses this roll, she may reflexively release the grapple at the cost of 2 initiative.
If the Exalt wins the roll, she has control of the grapple for a number of turns equal to the threshold successes on the control roll, and may perform all standard grappling actions. If the Exalt uses a Throw/Slam action, the maximum number of control turns used is equal to [Strength + Essence] instead of the normal [Strength] value.

If at short range, the Exalt may also reflexively pull herself and the target to close range with each other, either at her or the target’s location at any time during the grapple without forfeiting any control rounds. Should the Exalt choose to throw the target while still at short range, the damage pool is automatically increased by 6 for Withering attacks or 3 for Decisive attacks.

Note that as a magical grapple, the Exalt may stunt this charm to be able to grapple targets that would normally not make sense for a standard grapple.

Call of Shadow’s Grace
Cost: 10m 1wp Mins: Essence 5, Martial Arts 5
Type: Simple
Keyword: None
Duration: One scene
Prerequisites: Throat Slitting Shadow Atemi, Umbra Noose Execution, Shadow Stepping Motion

Shadow’s Grace feels the call of her weapon, and her soul battles alongside the master of the style she developed, bringing terrifying justice to those who dare oppose her. While in Ebon Shadow Form, the Exalt creates an apparition of Shadow’s Grace from the shadowy tendrils of smoke surrounding Onyx Tendril and infused with her own Essence. The apparition mirrors the Exalt’s own statistics, with a bonus equal to [Essence] to all combat rolls. The apparition wields Onyx Tendril, while the Exalt retains a shadowy copy of the weapon. This shadow copy retains Onyx Tendril’s statistics, but cannot use it’s evocations. The apparition is considered to also be in Ebon Shadow Form and can use any Ebon Shadow Style charm, as well as the Exalt’s Stealth, Athletics, and Dodge charms. The apparition has a mote pool equal to the Exalt’s [Essence x 8] + [Martial Arts x 4]. The apparition follows the Exalt’s mental commands during battle, but ceases to exist if it moves further than medium range away from her.

The apparition has health tracks equal to the Exalts, with an additional amount equal to the benefit from Ox Body Technique, using the Exalt’s Essence in place of Stamina. If the apparition is killed before the end of the scene, it explodes in a shower of dark crystal shards and smoke, acting as the spell Death of Obsidian Butterflies, targeted against the opponent that killed it and using Dexterity in place of Perception and Martial Arts in place of Occult where appropriate. The resulting smoke applies a -3 penalty to all Perception rolls made in the area for the remainder of the scene.

This charm may be used once per story, but is reset if the Exalt incapacitates a target with essence equal or greater to her own using an unexpected attack. This charm may be used once per day during Calibration, but is no longer reset through any other means.

Onyx Tendril

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