The Essence Vault


The Essence Vault is a manse located in The Great Forks Necropolis. When the group first entered the Vault they were attacked by malfunctioning automatons led by The Bishop.

After Lita shot The Bishop out of the air, he fell into one of the pools of Essence and was destroyed, but not before confirming Bright’s identity as the current incarnation of the original architect of the Essence Vault. The Vault seems to have been designed to condense and collect Essence from the dragon lines.

Bright powered down the Essence Vault’s energy collection mechanisms and managed to fix the remaining automaton, The Prelate, who he instructed to attempt to repair the automatons damaged in combat and restore the Vault.

The Essence Vault contains a laboratory in some state of disrepair, an altar with several unknown artifacts, and five empty chambers that may have been personal rooms, among other things.

The manse should have contained Bright’s prior incarnation’s Archive Cubes, but The Prelate confirmed that those had been relocated to a “secure location” by The Bishop.

The manse’s hearthstone, The Celestial Stone, was present and given into Bright’s possession.


The Essence Vault

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