Jeff's Exalted Game

Silver Dove in the Necropolis

After Lita convinces the Watch that they should allow the group out of the city, they follow Chiriki to the ancient necropolis, where the creature declares their bargain fulfilled and leaves. Lita catches sight of several campfires in the city of the dead, and the group decides to attempt to sneak closer to reconnoiter. Leaving Lita and Indigo outside the city, Bright and Heiyan sneak into the Necropolis. Disabling one of the patrols, Heiyan continues on to scout out the opposition, while Bright returns to inform the others. Returning to the circle, Heiyan describes the creature holding Silver Dove captive: a floating creature in a filthy kimono with greasy hair and arms that hang down past its knees and end in filthy claws. Bright identifies the creature as a Mortwright.

5 xp for everyone



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