Lady Jozakura

Great Forks' Minister of Research


Great Forks’ Minister of Research who serves as the head of the city’s intelligence service.

Lady Jozakura, the daughter of a human mother and a condor-spirit from the slopes of Mount Metagalapa, watches everything around her with a keen eye and a hunger for secrets. She has held her current position for 50 years now and shows little sign of aging; her skin is still as flawless as white jade, and her long hair as green as fresh grass.

Jozakura moves in high society as well as in the bureaucracy, taking reports from agents scattered across Great Forks, and has many friends among the merchant caravans. This is partly due to the fact that her Ministry is willing to provide general (and accurate) information on the trade situation elsewhere, for a modest payment, to the general population, as well as its more secret services to the Three.

While many find her mildly disquieting, her falsely approachable attitude generally hides her more vicious side. She is on good terms with all the other Ministers, especially when they want information from her to justify higher budgets. Her Deputy is a scholar and thaumaturge named Second Wing, a dark and sullen young man whose talent for investigation compensates for his lack of tact.

Jozakura and Indigo sometimes dine together and play cards.


Lady Jozakura

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