Amilar Kraik

Bright's Mentor, the Administrator of the Lookshy Academy of Sorcery


A century ago, Amilar Kraik had distinguished himself as a frontline battle engineer many times over when a Lunar Anathema kidnapped his brother and fled east with her prize. Kraik gave chase, spent a decade fighting her sorceries and magitech, and returned an acclaimed hero—but cursed by a vile malady that slowly rotted his living flesh.

The official Chaplainry line claims Kraik received the post as Administrator for distinguished service. Actually, the sohei found they had bit off more than they could chew. They even considered passing the project to another ministry when Kraik
stepped in. Desperate to find a cure for his withering body and certain that a solution lay in the magitech trove he’d retrieved from the Anathema’s lair, Kraik offered to donate all his popularity, acumen and magitech loot to the Academy in exchange for absolute control of its programs. He wasn’t (and still isn’t) a skilled sorcerer himself—but he argued the Academy needed a skilled bureaucrat who knew magitech, not a master spellcaster.

The Chaplainry decided it had nothing to lose, though it now regrets the bargain. Kraik has become an unsettling monstrosity—more machine than man, strange devices replacing most of his body. Some whisper that the curse (or its cure?) has made him… unstable. Worse, Kraik encourages the study of non-Immaculate techniques and artifacts—branches of knowledge the Chaplainry considers both unnecessary and dangerous. Some even suspect him of turning a blind eye to Anathema, disguised as God-Blooded metics, who would study at Valkhawsen—an accusation so devastating no one dares make it openly because of Kraik’s heroic history and ties to the General Staff.

Overall, the sohei would love to renege on the contract, but only Kraik’s death can legally end his tenure. Assassination seems likely to cause more problems than it solves. At least, they console themselves, he doesn’t control all of Lookshy’s sorcery—only that of the sorcerer-engineers. The Old School sohei still dominate the training of sorcerer-exorcists.

During his application to Valkhawsen’s Academy of Sorcery, Wildan Bright revealed to Kraik that he was a Solar exalt. Kraik found the boy’s revelation intriguing and admitted him to the school and acted as his mentor during his attendance.


Amilar Kraik

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