Layla Bright

Bright's mother


Layla Bright is a teacher and lecturer at the House of Learning in Great Forks, and she specializes in medicine and the research of advanced medical techniques and drug use.

She was born to a merchant family in Nexus with some Guild connections, but failed to develop aptitudes for trade and accounting. When she showed more academic brilliance and skill with healing, her family supported her relocation to Great Forks to attend the House of Learning.

During her studies, she met Soldan Bright, an up-and-coming young bureaucrat training for a career in the Ministry of Diplomacy, and they were married after several years of courtship.

Layla has done extensive empirical testing on drugs and healing compounds, and is a passable practical healer, although she prefers to remain on the scholarly side of things.

Layla’s parents and older sister, Pelle, continue to run the family trade in Nexus.


Layla Bright

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