Resting Snowy Rosebud

Fair Folk criminal


Resting Snowy Rosebud is a vicious Raksha who attempted to seize control of the Ministry of Worship 12 years ago by seducing and controlling several highly placed nobles and magistrates within the Ministry. She established a wide network of low-level government bureaucrats before she began to glamor her way up the proverbial food chain. She was on the verge of gaining domination of large portions of the city’s police forces, when Lita discovered the conspiracy in the course of investigating the death of Alliserra Rouhani.

Lita managed to organize a sting operation that captured Rosebud while attempting to take control of another magistrate. Ending what became known as Winter Plot was one of Lita’s first big breaks as a magistrate and launched her career within the Ministry of Worship.


Resting Snowy Rosebud

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