Silver Dove

Great Forks' Minister of Diplomacy


Silver Dove is the Minister of Diplomacy in Great Forks. Her department handles formal (and informal) negotiations with other Confederation members and also with outside powers, such as the Realm. She works closely with the Ministers of Trade, the Military and Research. While she is not empowered to make policy without the Three’s agreement, she controls the city’s diplomats and embassies, and has a wide degree of latitude in interpreting the Three’s orders.

Silver Dove has spirit blood somewhere in her family tree, as can be seen from her white-irised eyes and the feathers in her eyebrows, but it is too far back for her to be sure of the ancestor. She is in her 70s but still hale, and she attends many social events in order to deal with visiting ambassadors. Of late, she has been studying both Sijan and Thorns, trying to decide if one can be played against the other or if Great Forks should strengthen or weaken its ties with both.

Her Deputy, a middle-aged man named Devishen Latoth, has been pursuing his own researches in an attempt to demonstrate his efficiency, and has been consuming increasing amounts of ghost flower tea to talk to local ghosts.


Silver Dove

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