Soldan Bright

Bright's father


Soldan Bright is a mid-high level member of the Ministry of Diplomacy, working directly under Silver Dove and her deputy Devishen Latoth.

Soldan has spent his entire life in Great Forks, born to wealthy parents who worked as bureaucrats in the Ministry of Trade. As a child, he attended the best schools and had a variety of learned tutors, and he showed a high aptitude for social navigation and negotiation.

Like many bright minds in Great Forks, he studied at the House of Learning to hone his knowledge of lore and bureaucracy. While there, he met Layla, a young healer and researcher from Nexus. With the blessing of his parents, they were married several years later.

Wildan is Soldan’s only child, and has been both sheltered and indulged because of it. Both Soldan and Layla are preoccupied with their own projects and advancement. Although both are generously remunerated, the intellectual challenge is their primary motivation.

Soldan has two siblings, an older sister, Jirel, who works in the Ministry of Trade, and a younger brother, Koren, who works in the Ministry of Logistics.


Soldan Bright

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