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chejopkejak.pngWelcome to the Wiki for my game. We conduct our game online once a week. We meet in a Teamspeak server and use roll20 as a virtual tabletop.

Please find the Wiki Landing page here: Main Page

Some of our NPCs do not have active pages in the Wiki yet, please check the Character section for a full list of them here

House Rule Update:

Since the book version of awarding Solar EXP hasn’t seemed to gain any traction, I’d like to try using the following alternative one point per session for acting on a Defining or Major Intimacy. One point for identifying a situation in which your character would gain Limit. I feel like this may shore up these areas of the game for us and provide a more consistent way for me to award Solar exp. Please be ready to provide your thoughts and feedback on Sunday. Chris also suggests we award an additional point for completing a major action during session keeping with the theme of your Caste.

Exalted Wiki Update

I’ve been working on updating sections of the wiki, including providing actual text logs in the Adventure General. Please let me know if you feel anything is inaccurate or could be improved.

Game this Sunday at 2 PM. Please make sure all character sheets are updated on the wiki by then.

Home Page

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